Some Things to Do When Claiming Car Insurance

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Car accidents can be bad and insurance is the only solace in such situations. But claiming your car accident insurance is not as easy as you think. If your car has been involved in any type of accident or damage, it is important to organize the details correctly prior to claiming the insurance else your claim is most likely to be rejected. First things first, we understand that an accident can be nerve wrecking. However, you have to still keep your calm and focus on putting together relevant details to file your claim.

Here are the five important things to do when filing a car insurance claim:

Determine the extent of injuries

The first thing to do when your car is involved in an accident is to analyse the extent of damage. If the damage is minor and can be repaired without drilling a hole into your pockets, we will recommend you to avoid filing an insurance claim. After all, this improves your credibility with the insurance company and is reflected in terms of bonus or perks on your existing policy. In case you are confused, you can always talk to your insurance advisor and seek further guidance.

File an accident report with the police

It is important to let the police know about the accident as soon as possible even when the damage is minor. In fact, police should be the only agency with whom you share every detail of the accident prior to approaching your insurance company. Also, this police report is going to come in handy for your claim as well.

Jot down the facts

For cases where the accident involves two parties, it is important for you to get the driver details, registration number and other details of the opposite party. As soon as you get over the trauma of the accident, it is important to jot down all the details that happened during the accident before the insurance company undertakes a detailed enquiry. This will ensure that you convey the required information without missing out on the little details.

Let your agent know

If your car is involved in an accident, it is important to let your insurance agent know as soon as possible. Additionally, this agent will also give you the required guidance on how to proceed further on the basis of analysing your situation. Even after you file the claim, make it a point to follow-up the matter with your agent in order to ensure that your claim is processed faster.

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